The writings of Father T. Dajczer

Father Dajczer wrote on spiritual life and in the field of religious studies. He wrote on spiritual life paying special attention to spiritual experience and having in mind the practical aim (referring to action) rather than a scientific reflection as it is the case in theology of spirituality or in theology of interior life. Most characteristic of him was the craving to attract souls towards God, to the union with him. Above all, this was the aim he was trying to achieve in his writings.[1] The papers by Fr. Tomasz Jaklewicz, Prof. Andrzej Gołąb, Halina Łabonarska and others, the excerpts of which are presented in the section “media”, confirm that Fr. Tadeusz’s wish is being fulfilled. Father Tadeusz Dajczer’s books on spiritual life introduce their readers in the dialogue with God, lead towards the encounter with him and impel to revise one’s own life.

According to Father Zbigniew Krzyszowski, the publications by Father Tadeusz Dajczer “concern the question of credibility of Christianity and religious studies – The initiations and their cosmic dimension of the peoples of California [Inicjacje i ich wymiar kosmiczny u ludów Kalifornii] (Warszawa 1984), Buddhism in its specificity and difference to Christianity [Buddyzm w swej specyfice i odrębności wobec chrześcijaństwa] (Warszawa 1993). The most popular proved, however, his book Inquiring faith [Rozważania o wierze. Z zagadnień teologii duchowości] (…), in which the genius of a theologian of faith as well as the charisma of a spiritual director are clearly visible to the utmost degree.”[2]

Inquiring faith also known as The gift of faith

Enquiring faith (also known as The gift of faith) attained in Poland alone more than 170,000 sold copies in over 25 imprints and in other countries more than 140,000 altogether (around 80 imprints in 28 languages in 35 countries).”[3]

Father Zbigniew Krzyszowski reveals a particular value of the book Enquiring faith for defending Christianity. “The arguments in support of credibility of the Church quoted by Fr. Dajczer are based on presenting it as a personal being which is a sign of sanctity in the face of the world; the Church not only is the place of presence of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, but first of all the community in which a Christian’s life remains permanently united with God, divinized, enabled to action in accordance with God’s will; man participating in God’s life is able to give testimony of God’s presence before his neighbours through faith, hope and charity. The motivation of Christian life, taken up by Dajczer, is captured in personalist categories and runs along the line of agapetological credibility[4] (the agapetological argument). Charity ingrained in God must verify itself with concrete deeds and expresses itself in the ethos of disinterestedness (1 Jn 4:11); a Christian taking part in the eternal love of the Father, with ease entrusts himself to Christ, listens raptly to his word, accepts the revealed truth and effortlessly subdues himself to its requests. According to Fr. Dajczer love is faith-creative; he who confesses God’s love is a believer. Dajczer materializes the pistisological motivation[5],guiding the readers on the paths of spiritual life, he would highlight the development of faith and reveal that the bond with Christ is for Christian the source of life. He did it in a convincing manner by the tangible examples from Abraham to John Paul II. Inquiring faith by Dajczer is in actual fact the reflection on the theological life. Beside faith and charity, Dajczer picks up the thread of hope which is born from the encounter of God and is the fruit of experiencing him. Worth emphasizing is also Dajczer’s arguments in support of credibility of Christianity – based on testimony; since faith has to be constantly updated in sacramental life, especially in the Eucharist, in the word of God, in prayer and in chgarity.”[6]

Father Wilfrid Stinissen O.C.D. wrote about Dajczer’s Inquiring faith: “I strongly recommend this book. If one learns a lesson from what he reads here, he will be guided inevitably on the way of sanctity.”[7]

Meditations on the Eucharist

The countenance of the author shows itself fully in Meditations on the Eucharist – the series of six books published in English by Eucharistic Renewal Books (The mystery of Faith, Amazing Nearness, Increase our Faith, The Sacrament of Presence, By the Power of Faith, Undiscovered Gift). Each book is preceded with meaningful forewords by Card. Stanisław Dziwisz, Abp. Józef Michalik, Abp. Alfons Nossol and Bp. Wacław Depo. These books stand out among publications on the Eucharist focusing on the question of man’s disposition[8]in receiving the graces flowing from the sacrament.

“Father Professor Dajczer was an outstanding specialist in religious studies, however, he devoted his priest life entirely to disseminating adoration and deeper cherishing of the Eucharistic Christ, the testimony of which is present in the books (…) of the series Meditations on the Eucharist, introducing into a deepened living the faith and the Eucharist. The books sell quickly in thousands of copies and gain recognition among the hierarchs what is reflected by letters and testimonials sent to the Publisher.”[9]

At the end of his life it was the Eucharistic Christ who became the only and sufficient sense of his life. He was born anew celebrating the Eucharist. From this experience the books in the series Meditations on the Eucharist into being. He believed that the Church would be renewed through the Eucharist embraced with interior life.[10]

List of publications
Writings in the field of interior life
  • Inquiring faith [Rozważania o wierze, Częstochowa: Edycja Paulińska, 1992]
  • Of the spirituality of the Families of Nazareth Movement (materials). Part 1: Self-devotion to Mother of God in the Families of Nazareth Movement; The trinitarian dimension of the charisma of spirituality of the Families of Nazareth Movement. [Z duchowości Ruchu Rodzin Nazaretańskich: (materiały). Cz. 1: Oddanie się Matce Bożej W Ruchu Rodzin Nazaretańskich; Trynitarny wymiar charyzmatu duchowości Ruchu Rodzin Nazaretańskich, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Archidiecezji Warszawskiej, 1996.]
  • A particular instrument of God’s grace [Szczególne narzędzie Bożej Łaski, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Ruchu Rodzin Nazaretańskich, 2007.
  • The Mystery of Faith [Tajemnica wiary, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo W, 2007.]
  • Amazing Nearness [Zdumiewająca bliskość, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2008.]
  • Increase our Faith [Przymnóż nam wiary, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2008.]
  • The Sacrament of Presence [Sakrament obecności, Opole: Wydawnictwo i Drukarnia Świętego Krzyża; Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2009.]
  • By the Power of Faith [Mocą wiary, Zamość; Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2009.]
  • Undiscovered Gift [Nieodkryty dar, Zamość; Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2009.]
  • A tough patch of life [Trudny kawałek życia, Poznań: Wydawnictwo Flos Carmeli, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2010.]
  • Mary leading us to Jesus [Maryja prowadząca nas do Jezusa, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2010.]
  • The Little way of St. Thérese of Lisieux [Mała droga świętej Teresy z Lisieux, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Fidei, 2010.]
Writings in the field of religious studies
  • The initiations and their cosmic dimension of the peoples of California (habilitation thesis) [Inicjacje i ich wymiar kosmiczny u ludów Kalifornii, Warszawa: Akademia Teologii Katolickiej, 1984 (praca habilitacyjna).]
  • Buddhism in its specificity and difference to Christianity [Buddyzm w swej specyfice i odrębności wobec chrześcijaństwa, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Archidiecezji Warszawskiej, 1993.]
Papers in Studia Theologica Varsaviensia
  • The fundamentals of morality in non-Christian religions [Podstawy moralności w religiach niechrześcijańskich (2/1975)]
  • The cosmic and moral order in non-Christian religions [Porządek kosmiczno-moralny w religiach niechrześcijańskich (1/1976)]
  • The existential character of myth [Egzystencjalny charakter mitu (1/1977)
  • The religious experience of the world in non-Christian religions [Doświadczenie religijne świata w religiach pozachrześcijańskich (2/1977)]
  • The mysticism of al-Hallaj misticism (858-922 r.) in view of the dialogue of the Church with Islam [Mistyka al-Halladża (858-922 r.) w perspektywie dialogu Kościoła z islamem (1/1978)]
  • The religious charakter of tribe initiation [Religijny charakter inicjacji plemiennej (1/1979)]
  • The kosmos in non-Christian religions [Kosmos w religiach pozachrześcijańskich (2/1979)
  • The cosmic consciousness of the North American Indians [Kosmiczna świadomość Indian Ameryki Północnej (2/1982)]
  • The cosmic dimension of the Californian initiations [Kosmiczny wymiar inicjacji kalifornijskich (1/1983)]
  • The North American shamanism [Szamanizm północnoamerykański (2/1983)]
  • Secret shaman associations in the North American continent [Tajne stowarzyszenia szamańskie na kontynencie północnoamerykańskim (1/1986)]
  • The theological status of non-Christian religions [Status teologiczny religii niechrześcijańskich (2/1989)]
  • Meditation in Theravada Buddhism [Medytacja w buddyzmie therawada (1/1994)]
  • Meditation in Zen Buddhism [Medytacja w buddyzmie zen (1/1994)]
Other papers
  • Originality of a Christian against a background of other religions [Oryginalność chrześcijanina na tle innych religii (Przegląd Katolicki, 1986, 40, 2)]

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