Reminiscence one

Pruszków, a small but nice town near Warsaw. There, on the 10th of August 1931 to Mr. Henryk Dajczer and Mrs. Stefania Dajczer, both parents with education background, the fourth child is born, a boy: Tadeusz Józef.

And to this very town he shall return after 78 years of his life, on the 15th of September 2009.

It was, despite all adversities, a very rich life. Like every child, Tadeusz would spend time playing with his peers, although he was not quite like them. So it was at school. At the age of 17, a flu or a pneumonia lasting for several months was the first harbinger that Tadeusz would not be a picture of health. He accepted it with full submitting to God’s will just like his solitude and incomprehension from the others.

During long days he would spend in bed, he came across a few books which were to influence his further life. Those were:

A Reminiscence of Rev. Professor Tadeusz Dajczer

by Fr. Bolesław Szewc

The Encounter
It was the last semester of my seminary studies – February 1988. The monographic lecture entitled “The Origin of Religion” had just begun. The lecturer was different from others – he requested to be asked questions. With great expertise he elaborated on non-Christian religions. It was an unparalleled apology of Christianity, revealing what a great treasure the Gospel and the Catholic faith is and how meagre other religions are. The lecture proved to be brilliant, absorbing. I had been looking forward to it as a spiritual feast. It was my first...

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He understood that greatness is striving after sanctity.
(Reminiscence one)

Before his death, he believed that the Church would be born again through the Eucharist embraced with interior life.
(A Reminiscence by Fr. Bolesław Szewc)