The Mystery of Faith
Meditations on the Eucharist 1
  • Faith Bowing Humbly
  • Your Participation Is the Way
  • Like the Prodigal Son
  • As Background
  • When God Is Closest
  • The Sacrament of the Present Moment
  • In the Search of Our Hidden God
  • Eucharist Giving Birth to Priests
  • Interior Silence
  • Pounding Waves
  • Faith “Touches” God
  • “Where Do You Live, Teacher?”
  • Through the Contrast
  • Everything Is Given Me from You
  • I have Only You
  • Amazed by This Love
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Foreword by Archbishop Joseph Michalik
Metropolitan of Praemislia
and Chairman of the Polish Conference of Bishops

The book that we have in front of us already by its title introduces into the mystery of the most Holy Eucharist, of which in every Holy Mass we say it is the Mystery of faith. And so the indication of Invisible God, more even: the introduction into the circle of His interaction. It is a kind of encounter and a very unusual one upon which so very much depends, sometimes the sense of our life and existence. The faith being the grace of light in darkness and gives more than we are able to expect even though we are not always aware of it. We are grateful for this unusual book about Someone the Closest in which the Author “fights” us for the quality of our faith. And then we learn that the “realism of faith” is also ceaseless searching, longing and peace that there is in God, not in me. And thanks to Him it comes to me, since the faith is God’s dimension in us; thanks to it the living, perceptible, personal becomes also our contact with God, “who manifests Himself and at the same time hides so perfectly”. What a fortification it is to learn that “finding God consists in searching for Him incessantly” (St. Gregory of Nyssa).

The guide that best, fullest and safest introduces us into the Mystery of Eucharist is Jesus Himself, it is worth using the help so as to understand, come closer to Him, stand by. And more: find Ourselves in Him and through Him and with Him give glory, worship, apologize, compensate and plead so that He multiply faith to us. In Eucharist He continuously is and acts incessantly. Let us be guided by Jesus. Jesus not only knows the way, He is the way.

The text explains the separate stages of the Eucharistic sacrifice and feast. At first He helps to understand sin, the mysterious drama of sin in relationship to God in the face of whom “everyone is a prodigal son” and needs Father’s opened arms. God never withdraws being the merciful Father, ready to forgive everyone who has grown to forgiveness. And here the most effective way is love. It is worth getting to know about love, sustain it and become convinced that this Love is pre-emptive, constant, irreversible, that he loves and waits till we respond. He urges us in the most delicate manner by the evidence of love of God’s Son who became man, allowed Himself to crucify and everyday renews the Mystery of his death and resurrection. And here we see that the experience of the Holy Mass is the introduction into Love and that Love actually “introduces” into the Mystery of Eucharist.

The creative spiritual adventure is learning the experiences of other people, especially the known ones, outstanding or saint. Particularly building up are the experiences of faith. With interest we refer to words of our close ones written or spoken just before death. They were very important for them and therefore they are important for us.

The Author of “The Mystery of Faith” has not only collected the known fundamentals concerning the Most Holy Eucharist, given solid theological explanations, recalled testimonies of authorities, but he has also added something with new power: he speaks more to himself than to us and that is why he moves us more. One can peacefully set off on this pilgrimage in the search of ways of deepening the faith since we can see that the teacher himself is on the search and enriching himself, he is enriching us. And he is able to do so as he shares the great realism of humble knowledge of man and with courage he regrets that God is still in the background and not in the centre of our lives and it is so because “God is for me too small as I am too big”.

Joseph Michalik
Metropolitan of Praemislia
Chairman of the Polish Conference of Bishops


The Church speaks of the universal call to holiness. This challenges each and every one of us towards interior life. Sacramental and interior life are deeply interdependent. On the one hand, Sacramental life offers us objective contact with the saving grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. On the other, to achieve sanctity it is not enough to be present at Mass and receive His Eucharistic Body. We need to embrace this interiorly with faith and the humility that is the basis of the three theological virtues.

The Eucharist is still the undiscovered land, the unknown world. Wanting to live the Eucharist, we need to hear the voice of grace that encourages: Set your foot on the undiscovered land, take the first, second and third step and He will lead you on. He, your God, who by rising from the dead has overcome all obstacles, now wants to introduce you to this stunning truth that is regularly occurring on our altars.

By the act of Faith (which is a grace both of invitation and response) I can communicate with God who comes out to meet me in the Eucharist.

Once I have discovered this amazing world of God’s personal earthly presence with us, I have the opportunity to become so taken up with it that I’ll be pulled towards the mystery of His very Being. He said he wouldn’t leave us orphans. He’s true to His word. Yet much more than I ever imagined. I’m with Him in a different age with the advantage of receiving so much more.

It’s amazing that the Church has received this great gift. I can become a contemporary of Jesus walking in the former Palestine. There’s no doubt that here on the altar something has changed so that the glorified Jesus is Himself present. It’s magnificent discovering His love that wants not only to be with me but much more to be inside me at every moment. This hidden redeeming Presence remains constantly to communicate Itself to me while my mind is illuminated by faith.